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When Your High You Never [entries|friends|calendar]
I Changed My Name

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[26 Aug 2004|01:49pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

haha im really bored so i figured id update this old thing... well today was orentation.. yea i saw ashley, caitlyn, lisa r, lisa s, stewert, david, stephanie, max, and thats about it... haha yea im not too popular... but anyways im absolutly in like and almost luv not love.. hehe yea hes so amazng! hehe.. well thats aboout it.. add my other LJ srcasm_wutzthat

Rape Me

[13 Mar 2004|12:06pm]
[ mood | messy ]



Rape Me

[21 Feb 2004|05:17pm]
[ mood | bored ]

hey yall i gotz a spankin new LJ add me now! srcasm_wutzthat  and my background is supposed to be story of the year but the head got cut off :( hehe love 2 all and i was supposed to go to jillians but now i cant :( im sad and bored if anyone wants to do anything please call me



Rape Me

[16 Feb 2004|12:05pm]
[ mood | better ]

Mmmkay well last night i came back from Lake Tahoe it was actully a lot funner than i thought it would be... k well here i go...

Friday:  Woke up at 5ish I probly shouldnt of even gone to bed cuz i only slept for 2 hours but i slept on the plane i had a dream about Ben. Yall wanna hear? sure ya do...k well i was at this consert thingy with him and we were in like a lounge type of thingy and he pulled me on his lap and told me no do this and he kissed me there was more but  i cant remember (nothing bad tho) wow bens so hott ::sizzle:: hehe. K well when we arrived we got our rental car and drove to this snow tubing place thingy and the guy there was hitting on me i asked if i could hook up the tube and hes like "you need to hook up with me" im like woah there turbo stop raping me! (hahaha the girl who cried rape samy & ashley) i didnt really say that tho but yea and he was just ewwwyyy so after that we went to go and see dylan it was so great seeing hi hes gotten so much better.  Hes a good kid with good intensions he just looses his temper i love him tho.  K then we went to the hotel and went to dinner and went to bed...

Saterday: woke up around 8-8:30ish and i went skiing for my first time personally i thjought i wasa pretty good for a first timer i just had a lil trouble stoping and they had the best coffee there it was something like toasted marshmallow i was like ...WOW! thats how good it was. I really wanted to snowboard and not ski but david wouldnt let me he kept on saying no ur gonna get hurt and im not gonna get it in one day.  Well i got hurt a lot in skiing im pretty tough when it comes to handling pain and i didnt get skiing in one day :( o well im over david and davis r gonna teach me snowboard next time (yay!!).  Then we went back to the hotel and me dvais and alex ordered pizza and me and davis kinda bonded lol and we all went to the arcade and im pretty good at air hokey and racing ... if i do say so myself... then we went to bed and i had another dream k here i go again... i stole a cigarette from my mommy and david (and they dont smoke) and i went to go hang out with jillian at the AMC and i got a call from samy i think oi dont remember so left to go see her/whoever and i left my cigarette with jillian and she told my parents i was smoking.  So i called  sean (im not friends witht he guy but i have a crush on him hehe) and me and him were running around AMC parking lot and we talked and then suddenly we were at a concert and he pinched my ass and strted saying look at her ass to every1 lol

Sunday: Woke up at 8:30 cuz we were gonna go snowtubing again and all the people there reconized me hahaha. After that we went to go see dylan again and he showed us around his ranch and there were emus at his ranch and i took pix of them and i turned around and they were like having sex and im like woah!!!! wut cha doing? control ur urges! and we played basketball for a bit so that was fun. Then we left and we drove to in-n-out wow itz really good there and i basically slept the whole ride there and to the airport when we got to the airport me david and davis all went to starbucks and i had a carmel frappachino and i took off the lid to lick the whippied cream and the whipped cream spilled on me lol i found that funny on the plane the guyz that were sitting across from and davis were gay lol and i think i mite have this thing called CFI itz were u alwayz feel tired no matter how much sleep u get. Then we got hoe and jillian and sean (not the one in my dream) called me haha i love tha both there both the greatest I LOVE YOU BOTH!

Me and jillian got an LJ add us

bitch__hoe  haha guess whos the hoe.....


9 | Rape Me

[11 Feb 2004|08:20pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Wow i feel like the worst person right now...People are making me sound like the worst person ever and im not im not trying to sound conceided or anything but i know im a good person .  I have never had sex yea i smoke and drink occasionally i lie to my parents but hey who doesnt? And right now people just make me feel like im not going to be anything im gonna end up on the streets sleeping with random guys to get money.  I know that I dont have that bright of a future but i will not be on the streets having sex for cash.  Im not a slut and im a good peron i have better future than that.  Okay well aside from that my day was good and i took pix but i dont kno how to put them on if ne1 does please tell me!!



14 | Rape Me

hehe [06 Feb 2004|09:27pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

K well i have the greatest and funniest friends ever and today just made my weekend.  Cuz this entire week ive been really upset and depressed for so many reasons that i cant discribe it in just a few words i basically dont even kno anymore. K well today started getting better during and afetr lunch i love having english with ashley and sarah g. their soo funny. And after school me, ting, kell, lisa r., ashley, and sarah s. all walked to the proinade and me and sarah were making lasts of all the people we hate we hate a lot of people lol.  So then we went to CPK and me and sarah shared a diet pepsi even tho we both hate it lol. And then we all just walked aroung then we desided to chill in front of pick up stix and trevor walked by and sed hi to sarah and sarah was holding a pic of timmy and she relized that like rite after he walked by and trevor and timmy r like bffs and me and sarah were laughing out bootaysssss off and we desided that wen were all old and cripled well still remember it lol.  So then me and ting we walking around and we wentr in to a dry cleaner store and one of the people started talking to me and i thought i did somethign wrong lol but no she just wanted to talk to me (i dont get it either) so then caitlin had to leave and me and her were waiting and we saw THE MOST AMAZINGLY HOTT GUY EVER!!!!!! LIKE WOW THERE R NO WORDS AND HES IN A BAND T=SO THAT MAKES HIM EVEN HOTTER LOL. So then i went back into barnes n noble and i saw kell lisa r. and sarah sitting on the ground reading these books and then one me and lisa were reading sed how to give head lmao! i thought that was so funny!! it sed kiss the head and not to really suck and all this shit lol it was hilaaaaaarrrrious! so yea then tim and mike came in and gave us all this porn and shit and kept on asking us for quarters even tho sarah gave them like 2$ lol. so yea afetr that we all just sat and chilled.  Mmmkay so yea i love alllllll my friends their the greatest I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH YOU GUYZ MEAN SO MUCH TO ME!



7 | Rape Me

[04 Feb 2004|06:55pm]
[ mood | been better ]

yall wanna hear my quote o well even if u dont im telling u newayz

Whats the point of wishing on a star when wishes never come true...whats the point of being alive if i cant be with you...

well i love it hehe even if yall dont...

well lately ive just been really depressed and upset and theres so many reasond that i dont kno why im upset anymore...


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[02 Feb 2004|05:43pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Mmmkay well today was ehh ive had better.  K well this morning i dont really rememeber but i never do but i rememeber lunch- afterschool.  During lunch nothin happened but Caitlin(ting) burned me Ludacris: chicken and beer!!!!!! yay im sooooo happyyyyy! I hung out with Caitlin(ting) and Paul for a lil, Paul gave e his twinkie (lol caitlin and paul) and Say came and gave me a note and i got twinkie all over it lol.  Then me and Samy walked around then went into the choir room and watched people dance hehe it was funnnnn! Then in English it was sooo fun i love english Sarah and Ashley are soooo great haha i luv u both! Well at the moment im listening to tim mgraw and he just said "when i look in the mirrior that i dont like what i see..." well i really like and relate to that line.  K well that was off topic but then in math my math teacher is racist itz so sad :(.  Then after school i went out front to go wait for Davis and Samy came up and talked with me for a bit then Ashley Lisa Caitlyn (kell) Stephanie all cae and we all chated for a bit and Smy then picked me up by my arms and was pulling me up and when i finally got up Stephanie pushed me over lol it was sooo funny.  O yea and PATRIOTS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY IM SOOO HAPPY!! their not my favorite team but i won my bet so that all that matters hehe <3

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[30 Jan 2004|06:33pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATLIN!!!!And now for the rest of my day well i went to school and after i went to the mall and i got a skirt and i went to vikkies hehe ok well im done.




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[25 Jan 2004|10:50am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Well this weekend started out great on Friday Jillian's dad and her picked me up and we went to this place and some lady started ylling at Jillian for using too many paper towel it as so funny.  Then later we went to the Galleria and saw Win A Date With Tad Hamilton it was really good but i dont kno if guyz would think the sameSaterday Barry came to her house and we all chilled for a bit and watched How To Deal for some reason i like that movie even tho it did horrible in the box office.  Then later we went to the Galleria and me and Jillian were going to see WADWTH again but she changed her mind and i didnt want to watch the movie alone so she told me to call ian and i did i thought she said tell him ur here and i did then she got pissed at me and a lot of other shit happened that i dont think everyone in the world has to kno.  I wsh i was like 5 again when everything was so simple and when u and ur friend got in a fight it lasted like a day and then you'd be best friends again.  I hate this time of life when everything is so hard and so many feelings and emotions and friends family school everything is just so hard and annoying and stressful and when u were five u didnt even kno wut stress was or anyhting u just wanted to get to the playground before dark.  And when ur 4 or 5 u alwayz wanted to be a teenager and now that im here i wish i could go back...

5 | Rape Me

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